Pulsed Electromagnetic Field - PEMF Technologies was founded with a futuristic vision of pioneering and leading PEMF Application Research, Product Innovation and to establish a Market Development platform for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technologies globally.


Our Mission is to do justice to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology by creating a platform to drive the emerging PEMF devices market globally and to successfully establish an ecosystem for PEMF technology to thrive and bring the benefit to the world and the people who need them with unparalleled biological results at affordable prices.


PEMF Technologies in collaboration with Lipika Technologies is in pursuit of further advancing the research, design, development, manufacturing, marketing and business development of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Products and Technologies. With about 2 decades of experience in designing and development of variety of PEMF products ranging from the world’s best PEMF Sleep Management System, Wearable multi-functional bioelectromagnetic and bioelectric devices, The world’s most advanced Equine PEMF Stables Technology (Utilized across the Equine sports world for horse athlete recovery), The world’s most efficient Bioelectromagnetic Agricultural System (Utilized in Urban Organic/Hydroponic Farming) and The world’s only 24/7 operating home wellness PEMF system along side being engaged in the development of various electromagnetic products and technologies of the future.

Our PEMF products allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental use.

Our BIOFIELD system has six -to- twelve inductors at full amplitude of 12000 Gauss Magnetic Field utilized for wide range of applications from humans, pets to athletic horses and camels and growing anything you want, faster with DOUBLE yield in your farm as well as transforming any hospitality & real-estate (public indoor or

outdoor) spaces into magnetic field enhanced zones.

When it comes to making an investment in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, we hope that you will carefully consider not just the PEMF system, but also the company that stands behind the technology. You deserve to feel confident that your decision is backed by a team with the vision far advanced and experience to get the results unparalleled to any other Pulsed Electromagnetic Technology ever developed on the planet.

We invite you to experience our technology. An upgrade to a new reality. Tune your Body and Brain to the Earth's Magnetic Field, Live Healthier, Happier, Longer and be stronger. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Augments Your Reality.

Up-regulating Mitochondrial Biogenesis.
 Quantum Epigenetic Engineering at it's finest.