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Epigenetics at its finest !


Our clients include world-record holder's, top-ranked Tennis players, UFC Champions, Pro-ball players, hockey players, cyclists, swimmers,  U.S. Swim Team members (one FINA Champion with 21 Gold  Medals in 21 races), F-1 drivers, top-ranked polo players, marathon runners and triathletes, professional strongmen, hollywood stars and Military Special Forces, weekend warriors, moms and pops, grandmothers and grandfathers, and just about anyone who wish to remain and feel healthy, younger and more fit.
EARTHPULSE Technologies is a privately held life sciences company specializing in the field of bioelectromagnetics. Over 18 years of neurological and physiological R&D by EarthPulse™ Technologies through practical applications worldwide, our inexpensive and portable pulsed electromagnetic system has provided clients globally with remarkably deeper - recuperative sleep & improved daytime performance; including improved executive performance, better hand-eye-motor synchronization and more strength & stamina (a LOT more). Since 2010 at better than 95% statistical probability of success, our system is unique in all the world and so are its effects. Nothing on Earth works like EarthPulse™!
Our low EMF power supply and pulsed nano-second rise time, north polarity, square wave magnetic device should be part of your health arsenal. Absolutely nothing does what EarthPulse™ north polarity electromagnetic fields can do. Our most recently updated version 6 (released may 2020) has 15 patented program modes allowing up to 13 hours continuous application; plus the MODULAR CROSS-POLARITY ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental use. Our patented MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET INDUCTOR has been incrementally improved since it’s introduction in 2003 with our first digital models; it has several configurations; Our patented electromagnet provides both static and pulsing electromagnetic fields when applied locally. It achieves unparalleled biological response due to the long exposure times and sharp square wave rise-time.
Our BIOSPHERE system has twelve inductors at full amplitude of 12000 Gauss Magnetic Field utilized for wide range of applications from athletic horses and camels to growing anything  you want, faster with DOUBLE yield in your farm as well as transforming any hospitality & real-estate (public indoor or outdoor) spaces into magnetic field enhanced zones. EarthPulse Zones are the first and only EMF Protected Zones on planet earth.
When it comes to making an investment in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, we hope that you will carefully consider not just the PEMF system, but also the company that stands behind the technology. You deserve to feel confident that your decision is backed by a team with the vision far advanced and experience to get the results unparalleled to any other Pulsed Electromagnetic Technology ever developed on the planet.

We invite you to experience our technology. An upgrade to a new reality. 

Tune your Body and Brain to the Earth's Magnetic Field,  Live Longer and be stronger.

EarthPulse™ PEMF Magnetic Field Enhancement Augments Your Reality.

Up-regulating Mitochondrial Biogenesis.
Quantum  Epigenetic Engineering at it's finest.

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