Earthpulse™ Electric Stimulation

The Earthpulse™ E-Stim is an Electrostimulation device the way Electric Stims are designed to be administered. It is the only Electric Stim strong enough for shoulder, hip, or knee with an AC/DC switch allowing you to not only use AC (like Beck but stronger) but also DC (like Becker). There is no other DC Electrical Stimulator in the market today. Puts the stimulation strong enough where it is needed specially well in cases of bike spills, dog bites or gun shot wounds.

Though the E Stim is not commercially available; and though it is not PEMF Therapy or not pulsed magnetic, we placed this so you can hear for yourself early on that we do this stuff better than ANYONE ever has; or probably ever will. Click here to go to EarthPulse Electric Stimulation Research.

Updated E-STIM version is due for release soon.