Introducing The World's only pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) stables system technology for Performance Enhancement, Recovery and Longevity of Equine athletes.


What's Different?

PEMFTEC Equine PEMF outperforms expensive, very powerful, labor intensive (supervision required) equine PEMF systems. Our Equine stables application system is a breakthrough in the field of equine PEMF technologies. PEMFTEC Stable system is the world's only Magnetic Field Enhancement stables system precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies to supplement along side your equine feeds.

How it works?

PEMFTEC Equine stable systems are used regularly throughout the nighttime to relax and to reinforce a healthy, predator-free circadian rhythm as well throughout the daytime for relaxation and recovery  by your equine athletes; and to shield them from harmful radiations from cell tower masts, wifi' and other sources of electromagnetic pollution. We have identified the exact frequency, wave-form, amplitude AND length of exposure required to make your horse perform at it's peak.

What to expect?

Some Advantages / benefits PEMFTEC equine Pulsed Electromagnetic Stables technology solution:

-Enhanced performance

-Tripled organic energy production within the cells

-Faster recovery times (For both Performance and Injuries)

- Improved Max speeds & Stamina

- Improved resistance against injuries