The world's most advanced bioelectromagnetic Farming and Livestock technology 

The world's most efficient pulsed electromagnetic system to grow anything, FASTER with DOUBLE yield in your green house.  Our technology improves the growth of anything in its growth stage by the process of cellular oxygenation and detox at same time. Suitable for Organic Urban Farming, Aquaculture, Hydroponics or Aquaponics.


Our biomagnetic system is the most advanced livestock technology on the planet, utilized for faster, better and healthier growth, reducing the cost of feeds, as well the veterinary bills while keeping your poultry or your cows healthiest. Can be utilized for all kind of livestock operations suitable for commercial breeding or production.

Cattle at Sunrise
Free Range Poultry Farm

The application of our pulsed electromagnetic technology is versatile and could be utilized during the growth of any biological organism for mass production, the implications are incredible productivity and growth for your business. Our systems can be designed and developed to suit for any growing or breeding arrangement you have in place.

The world's only
kitchen garden.

PEMF Technologies and

Natufia Labs have partnered to integrate bioelectromagnetic growth systems inside Natufia Kitchen Gardens.