Biofield Bioelectromagnetic well-being Portable & Home systems creates an environment where your body and mind thrive.

The infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield Pulsed Electromagnetic Field system each night or day, precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies will leave you feeling clear headed, sharp, full of energy, and with a renewed zest for life.

Biofield tunes your cells to produce more energy required for nighttime repair, memory consolidation, immune function and hormone production; and during the day for outstanding vitality and enhanced physical and mental performance.


Read More about the Benefits of using Biofield Pulsed Electromagnetic System every-night or day.

Benefits of using Biofield every-night or day

sleep & recovery
Fitness & Sports Performance enhancement
Longevity (Anti-aging)
mood enhancement
pain management by promoting tissue regeneration

Biofield pulsed electromagnetic system is The most powerful biohacking technology with proven benefits

6 patented program modes allowing up to 13 hours continuous application plus the MODULAR CROSS-POLARITY ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental use.

You’ll have 90 days to try Biofield risk free.

meditation and yoga
cognitive enhancement
jet-lag & hangover prophylactic
radio frequency radiation

Biofield for Pets

Biofield is loved by pets all over the world. The Biofield system works just as well on pets as it does on humans,...perhaps even better. Our unique combination of pulsed electromagnetic anti-aging and recovery benefits will be noticeable in just a few days. Biofield™ provides the most convenient manner of providing pulsed electromagnetic fields for your pet. NO supervision is required. Either use all-night or day on Revital or set it up @ 9.6 Hz for your pet in its favorite  daytime hangout spot. You’ll notice a change in mobility in just a few days. 

Golden Dog