BIOFIELD PEMF 12 Electromagnet System is powered by 100v – 240v compatible 12 volt DC power supply with reduced EMF and RF.

24/7 Non-Stop Operation. Turn ON and keep it ON.

Designed and Tuned to imitate the 24/7 Resonant Frequency (Magnetic Field Of the Mother Earth) allowing you to transform any space into  an Infrasonic Cocoon for Cellular Regeneration and to act as the Environmental Protection Technology against all kinds of Electromagnetic Radiations emitted from electronics. Ideal for use at Home with Children’s and Pets Or Office/Lounge with Colleagues and Associates to be tuned to the precise frequency of life. Ideal for use in kindergartens, lounge, spas, gyms or any indoor or outdoor space. Living in “Tune” with the Earth and Each other does not get any better.